32 of 51 – Headshot (portrait)

Yeee! Hi there! I didn’t post earlier, because I did not want to break with tradition…  (I know you don’t believe me, and you’re absolutely right!  ) Here we are with a new macro-theme: Portrait. I want to take advantage of this first challenge –  “Headshots” – to introduce you to Miss Money Kino**, my […]

23 of 51 – Point of view (free choice of subject)

Hi you! While I was trying not to evaporate during a photography session in my garden[su_spoiler title=”wow, a garden photography session?” style=”fancy” icon=”caret-square”] nothing like ‘summer is here’ with hot babes half naked, but more like ‘how can I get these walnuts smile when I shoot?’. Product photography, the good thing is that your subjects stand […]

6 of 51 – Slow shutter speed (lunga esposizione)

Good evening! So far, the 2017 is bringing me a log of good things (I’ll share with you soon!), but it’s also balancing all so that I don’t get distracted and maybe think that life is always beautiful. Anyway, despite in two days only I managed  to break my glasses (ok, I stepped on them…) and to sprain my […]

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