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Hope your week had a great start. As for me, I’m about to leave home and go to the Dentist’s… but the sun shines and I’ve quite finished the new flyers (just trying to cheer me up a little).

Here we are, with our new theme: Correct Exposure.

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Ok, I’m back from the Dentist’s and still alive. Let’s go on!

To be honest, I should have titled it “Best Exposure”, because – to say it with Digital Photography School:

[su_quote cite=”DPS” url=” “]there is not such thing as the “correct” exposure, as it’s all subjective[/su_quote]

Ok, now we all agree that Exposure is something subjective. But this does not mean that you can burn a photo and say “this is the best exposure according to my sense” (but you can always say “this photo is exactly how I wanted it”… no one can object such a claim).

You can check the exposure in two ways:

– Before shooting: by looking at your camera internal light meter

light meter

(Taken from

In 80% cases, this setting allows a “correct*” exposure [su_note note_color=”#f3b55b”]*correct for the camera[/su_note]

But be prepared: if you’re shooting your son at a wedding, dressed pure white, while making bubbles with the nose in front of the bride (still more white, then), this setting will not be correct and all whites will look as grey.


We’ll see this in the next few days. Of course, if you’re curious and cannot wait… just google it! 😉

– After shooting: by looking at your camera histogram


Mmmm… what’s this? An ink blot?

Maybe this way it’s more clear:

how to read the histogram

After this brief explanation (I’m just back from the Dentist’s, so please understand), this is my shot:



Nazzano – fiori


I’ll come back soon. In the meantime, have a wonderful night!


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