19 of 51 – Lighting (free choice of subject: dark field lighting)


I know you thought the aliens kidnapped me, but don’t worry: I’m still here.

My chosen subject for this week is: Dark Field Lighting.

Cool! But what is it?

[su_quote cite=”John Adkins” url=””]Dark field / bright field lighting is simply about creating good edge light or shadow on your subject and is often seen in photographs depicting glassware such as wine glasses, bottles etc. This technique works really well for glassware because since glass is so reflective it will literally mirror anything in front of it, including you, your camera and your light source. So in order to light something that reflective, sometimes its better to not actually light that subject, but rather to rim light it to show its shape and physical characteristics.[/su_quote]

The setup is simple:

  1. using a soft box light.

2. using a white wall to make flash light bounce:

(both setup photos taken from:

And this is my shot:

85mm – 1/60sec. f/16


As always, still a lot to learn.

I’ll wait for your photos on Beufville’s Facebook page.

Now, I have to prepare the shooting for tomorrow: a very interesting photographic service among walnut trees, fields, and nature!

Wish you all a wonderful night.



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