Who I am

For years, I worked to improve quality for others, now I work to improve my life’s.

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I am Beuf, my real name is Barbara Pedemonte. I am and I am not so many things.

First of all I am not a photographer. Or, to be specific, I am a particular version of what usually people think a photographer is: even if I happened to shoot ceremonies and rites for friends, I usually do not shoot weddings, Confirmations or baptisms. My specialties are Interiors, Lifestyle, Product Photography.

As for people, I shoot moments and emotions, candid shots of your life.

I’ve always been a creative person, even when I was a tiny Beuf, too young to handle a camera, but not to draw on the walls – I deem my mother was very proud of my production…

I tried to stay creative also at work, where I almost lost my identity to align to the conventions and to fit in my role. This is why, after so many years in a big company, I left my steady job to follow my passions, to feel better about myself, and to find the long-lost creativity.

My photos have been used for different purposes, pamphlets and flyers, posters, and a few homes.

Here in Beufville you’ll find my Projects, my Services and whatever pops in my head.

If  you’re curious, and wish to know a bit more, if you like my style and are interested in collaborating (or if simply you wish to say “hi!”), you can contact me via e-mail, at the address on bottom of page, or by filling the form here below.