27 of 51 – Urban Exploration (free choice)

I’ve been away for a little (ok, you’re right… I’ve been away for long time), but I’m back! I mean… back for good [su_spoiler title=”What I think of when saying ‘back for good’ …” style=”fancy” icon=”caret-square”][/su_spoiler] Where have I been? Not far, but this is another story (and another post). So, let’s resume the project, […]

23 of 51 – Point of view (free choice of subject)

Hi you! While I was trying not to evaporate during a photography session in my garden[su_spoiler title=”wow, a garden photography session?” style=”fancy” icon=”caret-square”] nothing like ‘summer is here’ with hot babes half naked, but more like ‘how can I get these walnuts smile when I shoot?’. Product photography, the good thing is that your subjects stand […]

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