6 of 51 – Slow shutter speed (lunga esposizione)

Good evening!

So far, the 2017 is bringing me a log of good things (I’ll share with you soon!), but it’s also balancing all so that I don’t get distracted and maybe think that life is always beautiful.

Anyway, despite in two days only I managed  to break my glasses (ok, I stepped on them…) and to sprain my bac , the Project still goes on 🙂


1/13sec f/32 ISO100 (165mm)

With a wrenched back, I feel like a 90-year-old woman, even if I know 90-year-old people who are in better shape than me (when I’m in my best shape, I mean).

But I’m lucky enough not to have only pictures of my dog in my files, so I could share with you this shot dating back to early 2016, in Canada; even though, it could have been shot in my garden (but I swear it was not) 😀

I’ll wait your photos on our Facebook page, se volete condividerle con noi di Beufville!

Il Progetto


51 weeks Photo project

se vuoi, scrivimi cosa pensi :)

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