51 of 51 – Holidays! (free)

I can’t believe it! (I know: you can’t believe it, too!): this is the last photo of the 51 Weeks Photographic Project.

Even if at some point I began to slow down, this has been a very important project to me: I think this is the first I carry out till the end. So, cheers!

The theme is Holidays and the choice is free, so I’ve chosen a (Christmas) self portrait to thank those of you who did not lost confidence and kept following me.

With this photo, I can officially declare the 51 Weeks Photographic Project as closed!


a (Christmas) self portrait

a (Christmas) self portrait

This project is finished, but a new one is round the corner, so… hope you’ll keep visiting Beufville.

A happy weekend to you all.


51 weeks Photo project

se vuoi, scrivimi cosa pensi :)

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