40 of 51 – Food (from above)

Good morning and good Friday!

I woke up very early, because I wanted to catch up with all the things I left behind… then I realized that “very early” was not enough to make all what I had in mind. So, I wrote a list of priorities and now it’s the turn of this project, since I’m trying to complete it within the end of the year 🙂

Let’s change subject: for the next 4 posts, the theme is Food.

Today’s image is “from above”.

food from above

I know, I know, we’re in winter and I posted a summer dish. But my priority is to finish the project, so I picked a photo already shot, because I am sooooooooo slow in deciding 1. what to shoot, 2. how to photograph it, 3. what kind of light is better, 4. how to post-produce it.  🙂

See you soon!


51 weeks Photo project

se vuoi, scrivimi cosa pensi :)

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