32 of 51 – Headshot (portrait)

Yeee! Hi there!

I didn’t post earlier, because I did not want to break with tradition… (I know you don’t believe me, and you’re absolutely right! :mrgreen: )

Here we are with a new macro-theme: Portrait.

I want to take advantage of this first challenge – “Headshots” – to introduce you to Miss Money Kino**, my new model (she’s soooo cute, doesn’t talk too much – I do, indeed – and stands still for all the time I need. I love her!).

** What kind of name is Money Kino?

Sssso, ladies and gentlemen, please meet Money Kino!


Money Kino in Black and White

Now I’m trying to shoot her full-length for the next photo, but she’s way too tall (and she’s ostinate… she won’t bend).

As I quite often read… stay tuned! (and have a special evening).

a big hug.


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se vuoi, scrivimi cosa pensi :)