rue Marleau - Mercier

22 of 51 – Unusual perspective

Hi there! A good morning to you all.

This week’s theme is “Unusual Perspective”. That is: try to see things in a different way.

When your son makes bubbles with the nose, take the photo as usual. Then move: we have already shot downwards and upwards, but go farther. If you usually shoot facing the subject, try moving left or right; if you usually shoot details, go wide. Get high or, as I did for this shots, get down low.


Rue Marleau – Mercier (QC)

rue Marleau - Mercier
24mm – 1/400 sec – f/10


Île Saint-Bernard, Châteauguay (QC)

Ile Saint-Bernand - Chateauguay
70mm – 1/3200 sec – f/4

Hope to see you on Beufville’s Facebook page, with your shots.

A big hug,


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