17 of 51 – Split light

This week, the photo took me longer than expected: the theme is challenging, at least for me.

Light is fundamental for photography, and understanding it is far more important than learning all other rules: frame a perfect shoot, balance the composition, take care of the rules, control the depth of field, and just don’t care about the light and your photo can be thrown in the waste basket.

So, this week’s theme is split light.

It’s used mostly in portrait photography, and it’s when the face is “split” in two halves with one side in the light and the other in the shadow.

(…)At it most basic level is constructed with a single light source placed 90 degrees offset from the subject and a bit higher than eye level, lighting one half of the face, and leaving the other in shadow

split lighting setup

from StakeExchange.

This technique creates a strong sense of drama with the image.

Some examples:

split lightsplit light

(from: Clit it up a notch)

… And my attempts:

ISO800 1/30sec f/2.8
ISO1000 1/25sec f/2.8

As you see, I have still a lot to work before mastering this lighting technique!

I look forward to seeing your photos, so share them with us on Beufville’s Facebook Page 🙂

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