12 of 51 – Low Key

Sssso, here I am again.

I’m sorry I’m late, but this time it’s not (entirely) my fault: the technicians are working on phone cables and I’m currently without any internet connection. Hope this will be fixed soon.

If you are following this project, you should remember a post on Exposure, where we talked about how to set your camera to have the correct amount of light, while shooting your son making bubbles with the nose.

(Note: In Italian, my mother tongue, this sentence is not so strange, because we have two different words for “shooting with a gun” – i.e. Sparare – and for “shooting with a camera” – i.e. Fotografare, so it’s difficult to render how weird it sounds to me in English. I mean: while I write “shooting your son making bubbles”, in my mind I picture a horrifying scene…).

But maybe you feel particularly artistic and want to try something different. So, let’s do something diferent. I’m using this theme as a bridge between Exposure and next theme (Lighting), it being related to this latter than to Exposure itself.

Low Key refers to a style of photography that utilizes predominantly dark tones to create a dramatic looking image. Where High Key (the theme of next week) seeks to overlight the subject to the point of reduced contrast, Low Key intensifies the contrast in an image through intensely reduced lighting (from Photography Tutsplus) .

This is my attempt, even if I could choose a different subject from the English Muffins (made with whole wheat flour – that’s why they don’t look like the picture in the cookbook):

Low key
ISO800 –
5 sec. – f/25

Cover image: Le Loup – same theme, last year. Still have to work on this style, since I am not yet satisfied.

In the meantime, I wish you a warm, sunny day!




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