good morning

11 of 51 – Focus (free subject)

Good morning to you all!

I’m already at work, to complete and finally publish the Photography site (the one in which I should look as a punctual and reliable person, not only a Beuf!), but I do not forget our Project. 🙂

Today’s theme is free, so I chose a shot quite all out-of focus. This kind of shots – as you see – are useful to contain text along with the image.

good morning
35mm – 1/20sec f/2.8 ISO 400

So, this is my wish for you, to have a very special Sunday, with the loved ones.

A kiss to all dads out there!

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6 thoughts on “11 of 51 – Focus (free subject)

    1. Hi Hiram 🙂 Yes, you’re right: Beuf is a personal way to write the French “boeuf” = beef. Since my logo is a cow, I usually sign as Beuf (pronounced Bèuf [bɛuf]).

      Wish you a sunny Sunday 🙂
      Barbara (Beuf)

      1. Oh! IPA!

        Thankyou very much Barbara (Beuf) ([bɛuf]), (i got it!)

        C’est très gentil de ta part, je te souhaite la même ?

        ☀️ ???? ? ? ? ???? ☀️

se vuoi, scrivimi cosa pensi :)

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