10 of 51 – Out of focus

Hi everyone!

I’m so deep into the preparation of the new website (some news I will disclose in few days… I hope), that I did not realize that today it’s not Sunday. I think my planning capacities have to be improved a little.

Anyway, while I’m focused on php-files, CSS strings and other funny things, the Project cannot be abandoned. So, here below the shot for this week’s theme:

ISO100 34mm
f/25 1/3 sec.

To obtain a completely out of focus image, you shall use manual focusing, by switching the Focus to manual on the camera body.

If the lens still moves in search of something to focus, pay attention to the lens body: there could be another switch, which overrides the one on the camera.

To obtain the image I had in mind, I used the manual focus, but also tried to take advantage of the movement of the car I was traveling in, so I used a narrow aperture and a quite slow shutter speed.

This evening, I’m so tired of looking at numbers, strings, and all these sort of things on my monitor, that I see blurry even without the use of camera settings 🙂

See you on Beufville’s Facebook page.

A very good night to all of you.


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se vuoi, scrivimi cosa pensi :)

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