A Beuf's life

I am obsessed with ordinary life.
Since I was a child, one of the things I most like doing is looking inside houses through their windows: to see that beyond the walls there is a life, there are people with their own pace, their own problems, that - in the end - are the problems of everybody. common problems, ordinary lives.
All of this, in contrast with the pictures of perfect settings, perfect lives, perfect situations, often found in magazines.

I love the ordinary and I decided to photograph myself in everyday situations: breakfast, Cleaning, taking a bath, losing socks in the washing machine, getting locked out of the house.
The initial idea was to do a sort of family reportage, but my inability to stay in front of the camera push me in a direction more congenial to me: irony.

This project was born during the GSFP (Gruppo di Supporto Fotografi Pigri, Lazy Photographers Support Group) and is in progress.

se vuoi, scrivimi cosa pensi :)