6 of 51 – Slow shutter speed (lunga esposizione)

Good evening! So far, the 2017 is bringing me a log of good things (I’ll share with you soon!), but it’s also balancing all so that I don’t get distracted and maybe think that life is always beautiful. Anyway, despite in two days only I managed  to break my glasses (ok, I stepped on them…) and to sprain my […]

51 Weeks Photo Project: the Exposure (aperture, speed and ISO values)

Ooooh, welcome back! The second macro-theme started yesterday: the Exposure (but not just this…). After deciding how to frame your son making bubbles with the nose,  either you chose to follo the Composition rules, or you feel particularly creative and chose to ignore them all,  you’ll have to know how to set your camera to avoid this: […]

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