13 of 51 – High Key


Here we are with this week’s theme, High Key.

Yesterday I was at the dentist’s, and I thought that was the perfect setup to shoot: the perfect brightness of the dental operating light, the Doctor and his Assistant dressed in white, pure white walls.

Unfortunately, I was the one being operated and could not take advantage of the situation…

Anyway, just like Low Key (last week’s theme), the use of high key is pretty much a stylistic choice in photography.

Low and High key are “the twin extremes of brightness and contrast”, as this interesting article defines them.

History of the terms

High-key lighting simply refers to images that are mostly bright, with a range of light tones and whites and not very many blacks or mid-tones.

Here is my attempt:

High Key

ISO400 – 1/160 sec. f/5

I used a window as background: the sunlit curtains spread the light like a diffuser, so I did not have to use the flash or any other artificial light. But in next days I’d like to try the “studio settings” as well. If you want to send me your son, I’ll take his portrait while he makes bubbles with the nose 🙂

Have a nice day!


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